Awards & Reviews

Lotus Advisor Editor's Choice 2007: NoteMan Toolbar 2.0

"handy for those everyday development, testing, and administration tasks that are so tedious to do manually"

Lotus Advisor Editor's Choice 2005: NoteMan Toolbar 1.0

"dozens of features in a single, easy-to-use toolbar interface"

Lotus e-Pro Magazine names NoteMan Toolbar 1.0 Finalist in Apex Awards

Developer Tools category

Lotus Advisor Magazine review of NoteMan Toolbar 1.0

"a '...must have' addition to my developer's toolbox"

Lotus Advisor Editor's Choice 2003

"There are other tools that do a few of the things MartinScott NoteMan does, but none contain so many features in a single easy-to-use interface."

DominoZone.Net review of NoteMan Toolbar 1.0

"Don't miss out on this, it's really worth every penny!"

"...too cool for words!"

Tom Duff

"I was very impressed"

Ned Batchelder
NotesPeek creator

"NoteMan is excellent! It unleashes an incredible amount of details about documents that could otherwise be hard to find. It's useful to users, developers, and administrators"

Alan Lepofski

"It's NotesPoke!"

Bob Balaban

"If NoteMan didn't exist, you'd want to create it. It's is a natural extension to Notes development."

Jim Knight
LavaTech, Inc.

"I use NoteMan all the time and recommend it to everyone I know."

Dean Yoder

"One of my team members downloaded NoteMan and she LOVES it. I kind of feel like saying 'I told you so!' "

Karen Pavlovic, Lotus Notes Administrator

"my 'demo' period expired! Now that I'm addicted to NoteMan, losing access to it is a serious problem."

Rob McDonagh